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    Pressurized and Non Pressurized Vessels Manufacturing

  • Steel Construction

    Design and Build Steel Construction Services

  • Industrial Piping

    Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Industrial Piping Services

  • Installation & Maintenance

    Industrial Installation and Preventive Maintenance Services

Standard Products

Tansuğ is the manufacturer of various equipment listed below;

KAP-1 and KAP-2 brand pneumatic fabric guiding systems are widely used by textile factories. Tansuğ manufactures and markets the KAP-1 and KAP-2 equipment along with all the spare parts related.

KSM-1000 and KSM-2000 are agricultural equipments used for lime spreading on farm-lands to balance Ph levels of the soil. KSM series equipments are widely exported to European countries and built to meet European agricultural standards. Please click here for product images

All Tansuğ products are designd and built on logevity and ease of maintenance emphasis.