• SS / CS Custom Design

    Pressurized and Non Pressurized Vessels Manufacturing

  • Steel Construction

    Design and Build Steel Construction Services

  • Industrial Piping

    Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel Industrial Piping Services

  • Installation & Maintenance

    Industrial Installation and Preventive Maintenance Services

Adana Cement Industries - Chimney and Piping
Kipas Paper Industries - Manufacturing of Process Tanks
Pana Film - Manufacturing of 1:1 Scale Functional Merkava Tank Model
Al-Khazir Co. Iraq - Steel Construction Warehouses Manufacturing
Amylum Starch - Manufacturing and ─░nstallation of Reactor
SV Erector Chlorine Factory Iraq - Process Tank Manufacturing
Prekons - Clean Water, Fuel and Raw Water Tank Manufacturing
Enor - Kipas Paper Industries - Treatment Plant Manufacturing and Installation
Pepsi - Stainless Steel Hi-Pressure Piping and Pump Installations
Mey Alcoholic Drinks - Re-Location and Installation Services for Fermentation Tanks
Adana Cement Industries - Manufacturing of Silos
Raytheon - Digital Radar Station Mechanical Installation
Heat Exchanger Design and Manufacturing Services for Various Industries
Greenway CSP - Concentrated Solar Power Plant Tower Design and Build
Akasan Paper Industries - Mechanical Equipment and Steel Tank Manufacturing / Installation
Izopoli Corporation - Isocyanates and Process Tank Manufacturing
Incirlik Air Base - Fire Suppression Sprinkler Systems Manufacturing and Installation
Lara Beach - Bungee Tower design and Build
Bossa - Guney Sanayi - Mechanical Equipment Re-location/Installation and Piping
Kipas Paper Industries - Co-generation Plant Build
Davut Panel - Isocyanates Tanks Manufacturing and Installation
Kromsan Chromium Factory - Steel Construction, Electro-Mechanic Manufacturing and Installations
Anagold Mines - Acid Tank Design and Build
Efes Pilsen Beer Factory - Stainless Steel Piping and Steel Construction
Shell Turcas Corporation - Stainless Steel Piping
Municipality of Adana - City Water Connection to Treatment Plant, Pumping Stations and Piping
Toros Fertilizer Plant - Manufacturing of Chain Breaker and Mechanical Stave
Iskenderun Iron and Steel Factory - Movable Hood and Tilting Stand Manufacturing
Balkupu Sugar Factory - Melas Tank Manufacturing